Remove Study Sites

Because patient information and trial analytics are tied to the study sites for a trial, PatientWing does not allow users to completely delete a study site. If the study site is no longer accepting applications for that trial, we recommend updating the site's status from "Recruiting" to a new status like "Active, Not Recruiting". When you update the site's status the current site level users and patients will not be affected but PatientWing will no longer allow patients to apply to participate in a trial at that site. 

If you looking to remove a site from the trial completely you can disable that individual study site. This action will remove the site from the site list on the study page and also revoke the access of the site level users. A site can always be re-enabled at a future time.

How to remove a study site from a trial:

  • You must be logged in as a sponsor level user 
  • Navigate to your study dashboard and select the trial or navigate directly to the study page
  • Open the "Manage" menu and select "Sites"
  • Select the "Edit" button to open the site management window
  • Uncheck the green enabled checkbox to disable the study site
  • Click the blue save button to save the changes

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