Release 9 Notes | March 2022

PatientWing is working hard to listen to our users, creating a platform that is simple to use and supports patients seeking out clinical trials. Here's what's new in Version 20220228.3

New Feature - Phone Screen Scheduler

We've added patient phone scheduling as part of our extended feature set. This will allow patients to immediately sign up for time slots to speak with someone on our team and reduce the time they wait to talk to our team by a week on average. Studies using the Patient Enrollment Center will start to see these benefits in the upcoming months.


Search for sites by Alternate ID: You can now search for sites by their alternative ID when you search through a site list.

Study name displayed on Study Management pages: When you're in the Manage tab for a study, the study's name will show up near the top of the page so you can easily see which study you're working on. This will reduce confusion for site coordinators and internal users.

Time Zone Changes: Time zones in the appointments, contact logs and notes have all been updated to match the user’s time zone, and will now include time zone information on each item. Make sure to update your time zone in your account settings!

Copyright Year Updated: Welcome to 2022 🥳 Hoping this year provides lots more health and clarity!

Improved Patient Export: We’ve added two new columns to the patient spreadsheet, "Site Name" and "Alt ID." 

Removed Generic Application Button: To reduce the burden on patients, we’re showing patients the correct contact information for the research site staff instead of asking them to apply online. The button is automatically removed for all trial pages where PatientWing isn't directly supporting; exceptions can be made upon request.

Referral Tracker Support: We are including the siteID in the Status History editor. This will help us avoid mis-analyzing data if a patient is with multiple sites through their patient journey.

Fixed Bugs

Cookie banner blocked by helpscout icon: We fixed an issue for some users where our Support widget blocked the cookie banner's "Accept" button.

Removed COVID19Studies banner from the home page: We removed the banner at the top of that linked visitors to, which is no longer available.

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