Release 10 Notes | April 2022

New Features


  • We’ve added a way to automate manual activities in the platform so internal users can avoid repetitive tasks. We have 5 automation rules created, which you can implement on a study-level and customize for your needs. You can move patient statuses and send out emails to a dynamic list of users. These can occur based on an edit to a patient’s status or site, or if a patient has been waiting without an update for a set amount of time.

Campaign Tags

  • To track how campaigns are doing by region and language, we’ve added campaign tags that can be customized on the study-level. You can add any region (eg. “United States”, “Southern CA” or “PA + NY”) and any language (eg. ”Spanish (US)” or “Cantonese Dialect”) and add them to any campaign.

Export Users

  • We’ve added an Export Users button so internal users can download spreadsheets of all team members on a study. The spreadsheet has columns on each user’s name, email, role and site (if applicable).


Request Access

  • We’ve removed the access request button shown on studies in the trial finder, as this feature is no longer supported and was causing site coordinators confusion.

Sites Now Include the PI Name

  • You can input a site’s PI name in the Manage > Sites section of a study, which can be exported using the Export > Sites feature. This name will also appear in the Export > Patients spreadsheet with the site’s information.
  • You can search by PI name wherever you use the platform’s site search.

Author’s Name on Notes

  • We’ve added the note editor’s name to the bottom of the note (next to the timestamp) to make cross-team communication easier.
    • If the note was edited, the last editor’s name will be shown as well.

Bug Fixes

Adding Entries to the Status History Editor

  • We fixed a bug where you couldn’t add a new status in a patient’s status history. You should now be able to click “+ Add” and save new entries properly.

Saving Source URL on Newsletter Signups

  • We’ve added the source URL for patients who sign up for the newsletter via the pre-screen application. This should help us determine where more patients are applying from.

Adding Name Information to Audit Log

  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Audit Log wouldn’t show the user’s name when they’ve edited a patient. This was due to the user not completing onboarding and not inputting their name in the system. We’ve updated the audit log to use a user’s email address if they haven’t input their name.

    💡 Note: The audit log has always maintained the user’s email address, and all patient-related edits are saved properly in the system and can be traced to the correct user. This fix makes the user easier to identify in the simplified log.

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