Release 11 Notes | June 2022


Streamlined Features

  • We removed several features which caused confusion for new users. Here are several you should be aware of:
    • The in-app analytics page has been removed.
    • Links to have been removed.
    • The claiming your organization feature has been removed.
    • The organization search tool, which provided outdated information and led to a high bounce rate on the platform, was removed.
  • Other features that weren’t used were removed, including:
    • The existing feedback feature, which had previously been replaced by Hotjar’s surveys.

Changing the Starting Page After Log-In 

  • We changed the first page that users access on the platform to speed up overall platform performance. Users are navigated based on their role:
    • PatientWing team members and Investigators go to the Studies Dashboard page.
    • Principle Investigators and Study Coordinators go to the Patient Dashboard page.
    • All other roles go to Dashboard Overview page.

Bug Fixes

Helping Patients Successfully Apply to Studies

  • We noticed patients were sometimes unable to fill out the pre-screen questionnaire because they were adding spaces to the start or end of their emails. We are now trimming this whitespace off to ensure patients can continue applying to studies without any setbacks.

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