Release 12 Notes

New Features

  • We’re now asking patients for their zip code during the demographic step of their online application to our clinical trials. We share this information with study team members for them to determine which research site is closest to the patient. This feature can be toggled on or off based on the study’s requirements.
    • The patient’s city and state (US only) will be shown in the “Background Information” section of a patient’s profile.
  • If a patient doesn’t complete their application, we’ll save their incomplete answers to their profile so they can come back and finish their application. They'll have the status "Incomplete Questionnaire".
    • You can view their completed answers in the patient profile in the “Prescreener Details” section.


  • We’ve changed the Dashboard Patients page to tell you when the patient profile was last updated. This update replaces the “Created On” column.
    • You can sort by the “Last Updated” column to see patients with the most recent updates, or the ones who’ve been left alone for a long time. You can also sort by study, site, patient ID, and patient status.
    • You can still view a list of when patients applied to a study by navigating to the study in your Dashboard and clicking “Manage” > “Patients”.
  • We’ve updated the patient search bar to let you search by first & last name at the same time. You can now search for “Jane Doe” instead of “Jane” or “Doe.” 
  • We’ve updated the “Documents” column in the patient table to let you know whether the patient has any uploaded documents as a “Yes” or a “No”.
  • We’ve added a new type of appointment called a “Phonescreen”, which is typically used for internal purposes only. Note that Appointments and Calls have not changed.
  • If a patient is applying to a study using an email with an existing account, we send an email confirmation with a code for them to input. We’ve made this code more prominent for ease of use. 

Bug Fixes

  • On the patient dashboard view for study team members, we were showing timestamps in UTC (the server’s time zone) rather than your time zone. We’ve updated the feature to show you patient information in your time zone.
  • Notes, appointments and contact logs were randomly duplicated when created, which was caused by clicking into the patient’s profile too many times. We’ve fixed the patient portal to only open once so you won’t create duplicates anymore. 

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