Release 13 Notes | December 2022

New Features

Phone Screen Questionnaire

  • PatientWing enrollment managers are conducting phone screens in the platform to help further qualify patients before connecting them with research sites. To view the results of a phone screen (for studies where this feature is enabled), enter a patient’s profile and click on the “Phonescreening” tab.
    • You will only see this tab on studies where the phone screen is enabled and for patients who have their phone screen completed. 
    • You can view the patient's answers to each question along with the team member who completed the phone screen.


Edit a Patient’s Phone Number

  • If a patient’s phone number changes (or they want to be reached elsewhere), you can now edit their phone number directly in their profile. This helps all study team members view and call the most up to date phone number.

View ID, Study, Research Site, & Language in the Patient Profile

  • We added additional information to the patient profile giving you all the information you may need in one convenient location.
  • You can now view the patient ID, the name of the study, the research site name the patient is currently at, and the language the patient applied in. 

Search for Patients on the Patient Dashboard

  • We added a search bar to the patient dashboard view. This enables you to search for any patients across all studies you are working on. You can also filter for patients with their study, status, or site.
    • We added an indicator so you can see which filters are active on the dashboard.

Language-Specific Campaigns

  • When a patient clicks on a campaign that is not in English, we will show them a translated page automatically. This should further support patients who speak other languages apply to our studies.

International Date Format

  • You can select how dates and times are shown across the platform by clicking “My Profile” and selecting your choice in the “Date Format” and “Hour Format” fields. Read more about editing your profile here.
    • You can choose MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, or YYYY/MM/DD for all dates.
    • You can choose either 12 hour (AM/PM) or 24 hour for all times.

Status Name Changes

  • We updated the Pre-Screen Appointment Complete status name to Pre-Screen Appointment Passed. This accurately reflects the appointment.

Security Enhancements

  • We’ve added several security enhancements to ensure patient data is safely maintained in our platform.
    • You can only add .PDF or .DOCX files to a patient’s profile.

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