Sign Up for a Trial

To apply for a study, you first need to  find one. Follow the steps shown here if you are unsure how to sign up for a trial.

If you are at the correct study profile page, there will be a large blue Sign up now button displayed in "Interested in participating?" card at the right-hand side; Or, if you choose a trial that takes places in multiple locations in your area, there will be a Choose a location button instead.

In the application process, you will be asked to complete 4 sections:

  • Verify Eligibility
    • At the top, separated into boxes, are the basic qualifications. This includes the current status of this trial (make sure the one you're applying for is recruiting), biological sex and age.
    • Next, scroll down and click on Show me more details.
    • Read carefully about all details for the study, especially 2 categories of criteria:
      • "Inclusion criteria" is a bulleted list of conditions that must be met in order for a patient to be considered eligible for the trial.
      • "Exclusion criteria" is a bulleted list of conditions that cannot be met in order for a patient to be considered eligible for the trial.
  • Select Location (if needed)
    • As mentioned before, click on Choose a location button and you get a list of site options provided by the organization running the trial. Here you can choose from all locations where the trial is being held and currently recruiting.
    • Click Choose button to decide whichever location suits you best, as this is where you will be expected to go to per the terms of the trial.

  • Prescreening Test (if needed)
    • Click on the Sign up now button if you have chosen the most suitable location for you.
    • Verify that your contact information displayed matches with your profile.
    • Click Next →.
    • Answer whatever question that pops up with cautious and as close as to the fact. Feel free to click on ← Back if you would like to go back to previous step.
  • You're almost done!
    • Just hit the Submit button if you believe everything is in order.
    • You should be able to see a pop up window displaying "You're pre-qualified to participate in this study" detailing the next steps in staying notified on the process of your application.
    • Otherwise, there would be a pop up window displaying "Unfortunately, you weren't qualified due to the following criteria", along with other similar studies in your area.

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