Release Notes | September 13, 2018

We are improving PatientWing by fixing bugs and releasing new features every two weeks. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this release.

Version 20180912.3


  • Enhanced user dashboard for sponsors & sites:  The enhanced dashboard feature now includes a summarized view of all necessary components for making smarter & informed decisions to drive results such as current patients, active studies and study campaigns in real time. It is now much easier to monitor and generate enrollment insights right from your personalized dashboard. 
  • Embed 'Sign Up Now' button: If you have a study listing on your own website that doesn't currently allow candidates to apply or express interest, you can now use Apply Now on PatientWing button to let candidates apply to become a participant instantly via PatientWing from any devices. 

  • Study application email notifications for sites: You can now add an additional email address to receive real-time notifications when interested candidates apply to participate in a study at your research facility.


User dashboard & user account

  • You should no longer encounter the login redirect issue when navigating to your user dashboard.
  • If you haven't manually adjusted your timezone on your user profile, you should no longer see an error page when navigating to your dashboard.
  • We fixed a bug that caused an error upon activating user account after submitting a claim on an organization page.

Study profile & analytics

  • Inclusion & exclusion criteria text alignment issue is now fixed. The criteria text should no longer be cut off on the right-hand side for all studies.
  • Daily synchronization with caused manually added sites to disappear from the site list, you should no longer see this issue.
  • You should no longer see an extra space on the bottom of a selected site card.
  • We fixed a bug where Views by Campaign widget on study analytics page did not display the campaign names properly.
  • We fixed a bug where data on study analytics did not display properly when selecting a certain date range.
  • Switching the locations around prior to submitting information to apply to a study no longer clears the form that has previously been filled out.
  • A study banner image size is now limited to under 1MB to improve page loading time.

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