What are PatientWing campaigns?

PatientWing campaigns are a tool that researchers and trial sponsors can use to track the performance of their trial outreach and recruitment efforts. When you create a new campaign, a unique PatientWing URL will be generated that will allow PatientWing to track the traffic and trial applications that are associated with that campaign. 

Campaign URLs can be used as the destination for digital and social media advertisements and to track the performance of radio, email, or in-person outreach efforts. PatientWing campaigns are also useful for monitoring traffic from non-paid referral sources, campaign links can be included on your organizations website, in press releases, and social media posts. 

For each campaign, PatientWing will track the number of study page views and trial applications that result from that campaign. You will be able to compare how each campaign is performing as patients are screened and move through the enrollment process. This insight helps trial coordinators and sponsors know where they should be directing their resources when recruiting patients.

Check out the other articles in this section to learn how to set up and manage your campaigns. If you believe you are experiencing a technical issue with your campaigns or have further questions please reach out to support@patientwing.com

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