Understanding campaign properties

Each PatientWing campaign has a set of properties that helps users and PatientWing keep track of the details and status of the campaign. In this article we will review how each campaign property is used and best practices for getting started with PatientWing campaigns.

Campaign Type - This is the general campaign category that is used to provide campaign performance summaries on the user dashboard. If you aren't sure which type best matches your campaign feel free to choose the "Custom" option

Category - The campaign category is more specific that the campaign type and is also used to provide summaries of campaign performance to users. The "other" option is available if none of the categories are relevant to your campaign

Name - The campaign name is how users can keep track of their campaign, names are only seen by users who have access to manage the campaigns for your trials. Each campaign is also assigned a unique id number but we recommend using descriptive names so you can easily differentiate your campaigns. Every PatientWing study has an id number that is shown in the url of the study page and each site on the study also has an id number as well. Including those numbers, NCT ID numbers, or site locations in the name of the campaign are a great way to create distinctive and informative campaign names.


An asthma study has a PatientWing id number of 55555 (the study url would be www.patientwing.com/study/55555) and locations in Atlanta and Denver. The sponsor is running google ad campaigns for each site. They could use the naming convention Category-StudyID-Condition-City to create two campaigns with names "Google-55555-Asthma-Atlanta" and "Google-55555-Asthma-Denver"

However you're free to create campaign names that suit the needs of your organization

Description - The short description can be used for any notes and additional information that you'd like to link with the campaign

Conversion Value - This value was previously used to provide conversion value data to ad platforms like GoogleAds. We are currently transitioning away from sending this information and will be phasing out this property over the next few months.

Enabled - The status of this property determines if the campaign is currently active. When a campaign is enabled PatientWing is recording the traffic and trial applications from the campaign. The campaign's link will still work and bring users to the study page if a campaign is not enabled, the metrics will just not be tracked by PatientWing. 

Campaign URL - PatientWing will provide a randomly generated URL extension that is unique to your campaign. You can also create your own extension (ex: patientwing.com/GlobalAsthmaStudy) which can be helpful for campaigns designed for print, radio, or TV. 

List of Doctors/Referrers - Currently this feature allows you to generate a unique referral url for a list of individuals, like doctors, who could be sharing information about your trial. We are planning to discontinue our support of this feature and will be phasing this property out soon.

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