Exporting Patient Lists

PatientWing allows users to export a list of their patients from PatientWing. To export a patient list, a user needs to have access to the patient details for a study.

Export a patient list:

  • Make sure you are logged in as a researcher or sponsor user.
  • Navigate to the trial overview page either through your dashboard or by navigating directly to the study page.
  • Select the "Manage" tab in the menu and then select "Patients" to view the patient list for that study
  • Click on the "Export" button in the upper right of the window
  • Select Patients from the drop down
  • The report of the basic patient information will then be downloaded to your computer as an Excel file

At PatientWing we are always looking to improve the patient management experience for our users, so please reach out to support@patientwing.com if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our patient exports.

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