Apply to a study on PatientWing

The application portal is one of the key features of a PatientWing study page. It allows interested visitors to directly apply to participate in a clinical trial.

Applicants provide their name, contact information and basic demographic information and then answer a few pre- screening questions set by the trial sponsor or the research site. By providing an application portal on the study page instead of just listing contact information like other sites, PatientWing increases the number of trial applications and helps to connect more individuals with clinical trials. 

How to Apply:

On each PatientWing study page, there will be a large blue Sign up now button displayed in the "Interested in participating?" card at the right-hand side; Or, if you choose a trial that takes places in multiple locations in your area, there will be a Choose a location button instead.

  • Select Location (if needed)
    • As mentioned before, click on Choose a location button and you get a list of site options provided by the organization running the trial. Here you can choose from all locations where the trial is being held and currently recruiting.
    • Click Choose button to decide whichever location suits you best, as this is where you will be expected to go to per the terms of the trial.

  • Prescreening Test (if needed)
    • Click on the Sign up now button if you have chosen the most suitable location for you.
    • Verify that your contact information displayed matches with your profile.
    • Click Next →.
    • Answer the pre-screener questions honestly. Feel free to click on ← Back if you would like to go back to previous step.
  • You're almost done!
    • Just hit the Submit button if you believe everything is in order.
    • You should be able to see a pop up window displaying "You're pre-qualified to participate in this study" detailing the next steps in staying notified on the process of your application.

  • Otherwise, there would be a pop up window displaying "Unfortunately, you weren't qualified due to the following criteria", along with other similar studies in your area.

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